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Altamaha Technical College Board Members Meet at GICA

ATC Board Culinary Students

Left to right: GICA Chef Lee Cranz, ATC Board Member - Randal Morris, ATC President - Lorette Hoover, ATC Board Members Jeff Baxley, Ted Buford, Grant Gainer, Joel Hanner, and Clifford Davis. Also pictured are adult and high school culinary arts students. ATC Board Chairperson - Lana Cooper was not available for the photo.

An Executive Board meeting for Altamaha Technical College (ATC) was was held at the Golden Isles Career Academy on Wednesday, February 17th, at 9:00 am. It was ATC's first Executive Board meeting on the GICA campus. ATC Board members toured the GICA campus at the end of the meeting. They were also served a continental breakfast prepared by Chef Lee Cranz and the GICA Culinary Arts students


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