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Governor Perdue is Keynote Speaker At GICA Grand Opening Event

Over 400 guests attended the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Golden Isles Career Academy on Wednesday, June 24th 2009. The official ceremony began at 11:30 pm and was followed by a buffet luncheon.

Governor Sonny Perdue was the keynote speaker, joined by other state and local officials which included State Representative, Jerry Keene, and Chief of Staff of the Georgia Lieutenant Governor's office, Mr. Bart Gobeil. Also speaking was Georgia State Senator, Tommie Williams, Glynn County Commissioner, Tony Thaw, and Chairman of the Glynn County Board of Education, Millard Allen.

A delicious barbeque buffet was prepared by the culinary students of the Coastal College of Georgia. Tours were also given of the new 130,000 square foot Golden Isles Career Academy facility. Many local donor investors of GICA were also recognized and thanked for their valuable contributions to the building of this new charter school.

Governor Perdue

Governor Perdue addresses the guests during the GICA Grand Opening Ceremony

Governor Perdue introduced

Governor Perdue was introduced by State Representative Jerry Keene


Georgia State Representative, Jerry Keene, spoke to GICA guests


Glynn County Board of Education Chairman, Millard Allen. GICA Board

Chairman, Tom Connolly, seated behind

Glynn County Commissioner

Glynn County Commissioner, Mr. Tony Thaw

Over 400 guests

Over 400 guests attended the grand opening ceremony


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